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GTI Communications and Business Phone Systems - Who is GTI?

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, we’ve been providing advanced communication systems for Onsite Phone Systems, Hosted Voice, and Hybrid Applications for over 25 years.  We are proud to serve the Greater Charlotte Metro region, North America (including Canada and Mexico), Central America, and South America.  We also support multisite locations in Europe and Asia. 

GTI was formed out of the need for Voice and Data integration in the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or Main Data Room.  About 25 years ago, we expanded our offerings from just cabling services.  We have since partnered with Avaya, and we now offer Telephone Systems, Paging Systems, and Data Networking. With the fusion of digital voice and voice over IP, we have forged partnerships with the likes of Avaya, Cisco, HP, Adtran,  Bogen, Valcom, Xima, & Plantronics.  Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, whether it be a single location or multi-site meshed Wide Area Networks. In the last 5 years, we built a Data Center here in Charlotte to meet the demand of our customer's offsite Co-Location needs. The new Data Center will also give us the ability to house advanced VoIP applications that require priority and redundancy. We also off Hosted Voice service to our customers as an alternative to an on-site phone system. 

 Throughout the years, one of our strengths has been the ability to acquire, keep, and continually train talented employees.  Due to this, we are proud to have one of the strongest and most tenured IT staffs in North America. We pride ourselves on our reputation and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we meet and exceed the needs of our customers.  With thousands of satisfied clientele in the Region, we not only have the talent, but the track record to accomplish what ever solution is needed in the ever changing IT environment.